From January replica watches 9 to 20

From January replica watches 9 to 20, La Grande Odyssée Savoie crossed Mont Blanc, one of the last playgrounds for sailors in the White Sea in search of absolute, several resorts in Savoie, France. 10 stages of 1,000 kilometers of hard work. 30,000 meters altitude reinforcement. 9 nations represented by mushers. 400 high-level sports dogs on the starting network. All these elements together gave us an unusual spectacle, equally appreciated by athletes, amateurs of large spaces as families.

It is natural that Hublot chose to join and support this dog sled race and for the 12th edition, Classic Fusion launches "The Great Odyssey Savoie Mont Blanc". Hublot is recognized in Switzerland and around the world as a watch manufacturer deeply committed to Swiss values, Swiss tradition and Swiss quality. Hublot has chosen to defend and replica watches uk promote traditional values, which of course include the commitment to the mountain, harmony between man and nature, authenticity of effort, team spirit and solidarity with great respect for tradition.

These concepts are reflected in the aesthetics of this classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph which is new and excellent: equipped with a chronograph skeleton movement, the case in polished titanium-satin finish sparkles like snow in the sun while remembering the purity of the large spaces traveled by mushers and their faithful companions with adventure. If the human adventure is symbolized by the compass wind rose, the first tool used by sailors to orient themselves in the direction of the wind, this limited series also pays homage to dog athletes through the seconds' chronograph seconds, a reference to eye color traditionally associated with them.

The bracelet - which combines white rubber and vintage brown calfskin rolex replica sewn with white - is an ode to nature. We finally find the logo for this extraordinary race on the sapphire case on this limited edition of 100 copies.